TecLine Air Duster/Freeze Spray 400 ml

Article Nr. 296 2 400EN
400 ml

Air Duster Spray - Residue-free, odourless, cleans without touching.

Freeze Spray - Fast-acting, cooling to -50° C, effective.

Benefits of use:

Universally applicable, minimum wastage, easy to aim application.

Areas of application:

Air Duster Spray - for effortless removal of dust, lint and loose dirt in hard-to-reach places, for use on electronic components, EDP devices, printers, cameras and optical devices, automotive electronics, measurement, technology, watches and model making.

Freeze Spray - for testing, maintaining and assembling components as well as protection against overheating, for use in the automotive sector, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and for cooling during soldering and welding work.

Technical data

Basis Pressurised liquefied gas mixture
Density 0,564 g/cm³
Storage life at least 24 months
Storage not over +40° C, dry
Processable from 0° C to +40° C