Welcome to beko

April 1996: the beko Group starts its journey. Since then, the young, dynamic company led by Norbert Müller and Martin Dirr has been continuously working to establish a significant position on various markets. Allcon 10, an innovative construction adhesive of unique quality, has been a part of the beko range from the start.

“Top quality will always prevail on the market!”



With this philosophy the beko Group kick-started its business activity in south Germany. Innovative spirit, curiosity, quality awareness and solid market intuition have always been the driving force behind all of our employees since day one. Thanks to these qualities, beko has managed to establish a nationwide sales network in Germany in just a few years – and it’s still growing and improving. In addition to the adhesives Allcon 10, Fibcon, Tackcon, Gecko and Maxbond, many other brand products across various product areas have taken over their respective markets. Committed employees, excellent products and satisfied customers are now the cornerstones for success.

“Products that work and inspire.”



beko products make work easier from the very beginning. Our products help workers to cut out multiple steps to make day-to-day work more efficient and more straightforward. Highly motivated beko employees work continuously on new solutions to fit the needs of the customer to the fullest extent. Creative, intelligent and always one step ahead, we never stop moving forward. Making previously unimaginable applications possible and always guaranteeing perfect quality – that’s what keeps beko going.


“The joy of added value.”



Faster, cleaner, easier – this is the guiding philosophy for our entire commitment to reliable, safe and long-lasting products.

beko researches, develops and produces with an all-encompassing system expertise for products with (technically) challenging properties to provide that feeling of success when using the products and ensure harmless application.

“A focus on the essential:
development, production, sales and service”



Innovative products and partner-based collaboration with trade partners are the fundamental factors for joint success.

Cooperative, creative collaboration is a tried-and-tested strategy for beko and it always leads to exceptional results: products that are excellent in quality, fair in price-performance and both perfect and groundbreaking in their use.

And the winning formula has been clear for years:
satisfied customers = joint success

“Innovation is the future.”



Our young, modern company quickly became synonymous with innovation and high quality. The company’s founding spirit still lives strong today to ensure that our extensive range is constantly being expanded with new products.

The beko range now also includes a professional terrace system and various occupational health and safety products, in addition to its many adhesives, sealants, aerosols, adhesive tapes, tools and PU foams.