Consumption calculator

Use the beko consumption calculator to quickly and easily calculate the amount of sealant required and find out the suitable accessories for your construction project!
Plasto-elastic, odourless, compatible with paint coating or paintable, high adhesion, improved flank adhesion, low shrinkage characteristics, smooth consistency during application, free from solvents and silicone, free from phtalate and halogen, adheres without primer: stone, glass, wood, ceramics, steel, PVC hard, ABS and concrete, high alkaline resistance
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Joint types

Triangular joint

Rectangular joint

There are many different types of joints.

  • Connection joints

  • Separation joints

  • Border joints

  • Butt joints

  • Overlap joints

  • Component joints

These different types of joints all require a different type of treatment when it comes to sealants and back filling.

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