PU foams

Professional PU foams by beko

PU foams are well-established in the building industry as practical all-rounders, allowing users to caulk, seal, insulate and fill in. But not all PU foams are the same. Different areas of use can present different challenges for the product, meaning their recipes must be adapted accordingly.

Single and two-component foam

These foams are based on liquid polyurethane plastic (PU). Our range includes 1-C foams. These foams come ready-for-use and are easy to apply. Application is simple. It’s important to always work with enough moisture. PU foams already react with the air humidity and additional moisture can accelerate the hardening process. 1-C foams are available in various options:

For large, hard-to-reach cavities, we recommend using 2-C materials. The use of two components means the PU foam can fully harden without water or humidity. There is also a wide range of 2-C foams, all tailored to their respective application.

Accessories for working with PU foams

The right accessories are particularly important when working with gun foams. For foams that must be dosed, we recommend using one of our NBS Foam Guns. Clean, effortless and precise work is guaranteed with the beko NBS Guns.