beko – the specialist trade partner

We’re all about you! We’re the partner for specialist trade and it’s important to us that you know how we think and what we want to achieve. After all, you shouldn’t just buy our products, you should also be passionate in selling them on.

For partnership, success and satisfaction

We want you to be happy while ensuring that the end consumer receives the highest quality to create outstanding synergy between our companies.

We work closely with local distributors and provide individual consultation for various customers across different industries to establish a unique partnership based on trust. Trust is the key to solid collaboration and for a successful future!

Industry-specific sales support

Promote sales and increase revenue – these have long been the objectives of retail. Using tailored display suggestions and various other sales-promoting measures, beko provides personal support for specialist traders in achieving these common objectives. We have a wide range of displays and display-related tools available for our trade partners.