Sealants by beko

Sealants have been used since prehistoric times. All sorts of materials have been used to seal houses, ships and more since day one. The everyday without sealants is unimaginable in today’s age. Dry rooms, easy-to-clean bathroom joints and leak-proof ceilings are often the crucial features of a new-build or renovation and the only way to give homeowners and building contractors peace of mind at the end of a construction project. Here, it’s all about choosing the right sealant for the job right from the start. Take a look through beko’s extensive range of sealants and find the perfect sealant for your application. 

Innovative sealants for the highest requirements

Rain, standing water, dryness, heat and frost – sealants must withstand an awful lot on a daily basis. beko sealants represent innovation and excellent quality and are perfectly suited to stand up to these challenges. That’s why, in addition to silicone and acrylic sealants, our homepage also offers special sealants such as 2-C sealants, watertight seals and sealants for natural stone.

Sealants for baths and sanitary facilities

Resistant border joints, transition joints and corners are all essential in both the bathroom and other sanitary facilities. The increased air humidity, splash water, soap and cleaning agents all pose enormous challenges for the joint material. This is where silicone sealants shine. There are two kinds of silicones to choose from: acetoxy silicones and neutral-cure silicones.  Take a look through the diverse range of sealants for the specialist sanitary trade.

Sealants for kitchens and food-related areas

ISEGA-certified products are recommended for use in food-related areas. These certified sealants are safe for use in kitchens, e.g. for the transition between worktops and the wall. These products are suitable for joining in private kitchens and other food-handling and food-processing areas such as bakeries, canteens, commercial kitchens, butchers and much more.

Sealing basements, roofs, terraces and outdoor facilities

Sealing balconies, terraces, flat roofs etc. requires the right choice of sealant. Here, the type of material being sealed is crucial for choosing the right sealant. Bitumen sealants are often recommended for roofs. For repairing leaking gutters, materials such as synthetic rubbers come into play. You’re sure to find the right sealant for whatever you’re sealing in outdoor areas in our range.

Sealant emissions

Indoor air hygiene is important when it comes to choosing sealants, especially for use in indoor areas such as living rooms, children’s rooms, bathrooms and kitchens. If you want the best possible protection for your health and environmental/indoor hygiene, EMICODE® (EC) certification is the way to go. Many sealants such as Silicone pro4, Hydro-Stop, Silicon PSS, Bio-Flex, Premium Acryl, Strukturdicht and Parkettfugendicht have been awarded the EMICODE® seal. Products with this seal are state-of-the-art, solvent-free and low-emission building products.