Allclean surface cleaner

Article Nr. 266 120 0500EN

Universal surface cleaner, dissolves grease quickly, safe cleaning, evaporates very quickly, leaves behind no oil film, powerful solvent effect, does not attack materials.

Benefits of use:

Removes tar, oil, putty, grease, silicone, adhesive, corrosion protection agents etc. quickly and safely, time saving, suitable for use on plastics, metals, glass, painted surfaces etc., also for acrylic.

Areas of application:

Pre-cleaning of surfaces which are bonded with beko products, e.g. ALLCON 10, Tackcon, Allbond-Fluid etc., removes surplus unhardened PU adhesive, e.g. ALLCON 10, Tackcon, Fibcon, from surfaces without smearing, for the removal of adhesive residues from protective films and labels, including on acrylic baths, effortlessly removes sealant residues in motor vehicles and heating/sanitation systems, can be used to clean cable ends (e.g. when fitting shrink sleeves).

Technical data

Basis Dearomatised hydrocarbon
Density approx. 0,75 g/cm³
Smell characteristic
Storage life 24 months
Storage in well sealed containers, cool and dry
Viscosity low viscosity

Other sizes

  • 100 ml
    266 120 0100EN
  • 250 ml
    266 120 0250EN