TecLine Adhesive Lubricant High-Power

Article Nr. 298 1 500EN

High pressure resistant, extremely high adhesion, permanent lubrication, transparent colour, silicone-free, epoxy-free, displaces water, protects from corrosion, long-term impact, excellent penetration, high yield, temperature resistant from -30° C (-22° F) to +240° C (+464° F), resistant to acids and alkalis, water and saltwater resistant.

Benefits of use:

Multi-purpose, optimal dosing, suitable for indoor and outdoor use, prevents cold welding on stainless steel.

Areas of application:

Chains, gears, threads, construction machinery, lorry and car maintenance, drive chains (o-ring and x-ring compatible), window fittings, hinges, wire cables.

Technical data

Basis Mineral synthesis oil with additives
Density approx. 0,69 g/cm³
Smell no smell
Storage life approx. 2 years
Storage dry, at room temperature
Temperature resistant from -30° C up to +240° C
Processable from +5° C up to +40° C
Viscosity low viscosity, paste-like after evaporation of solvent

Other sizes

  • 150 ml
    298 1 150EN