Gecko Hybrid POP

Article Nr. 245 310 5

Flexible 1-component adhesive / sealant

Professional quality, good initial adhesion, is easily smoothed, odourless – non toxic, GEV-EMICODE® EC 1Plus – very low emission, can be painted over (except alkyd paints), paint compatible, weathering, ageing and UV-resistant, moisture curing, solvent and silicone free, isocyanate and halogen free, suitable for food areas, usable with natural stone, almost no shrinkage, meets the requirements of DGNB quality level 4.

Benefits of use:

No fixing of joint parts is necessary, bonding can be corrected within approx. 20 minutes, „Wet on wet“ paintable, can be processed under water, bonded metal plates can be powder-coated due to good temperature resistance.

Areas of application:

Seals and stress-free combination glueing in vehicle, body and container construction, applications in the food industry, vibration-proof mounting of signs and lettering, bonds insulation materials, natural stone bonding, gluing mirrors, assembly of photovoltaic systems.



Technical data

Curing approx. 3,0 mm in 24 hours; approx. 4,5 mm in 48 hours (+23° C/50% relative air humidity)
Basis 1-component hybrid polyoxypropylene
Elongation at break >= 450% (according to ISO 527-2)
Density approx. 1,50 g/cm³
Storage life unopened 12 months
Skin formation time approx. 5 to 10 minutes under standard conditions (+23° C/50% relative air humidity)
Storage cool and dry, protect it from heat
Modulus at 100% >= 1,3 N/mm² (according to ISO 527-2)
Shore A hardness approx. 51 ±3
Temperature resistant from -40° C up to +90° C, short term (max. 10 min.) up to +200° C in cured state
Processable from +5° C to max. +40° C
Tensile strength >= 2,3 N/mm² (according to ISO 527-2)

Other sizes

  • 600 ml
    245 600 1

Other colours

  • black
    245 310 2
  • gray-brown
    245 310 6
  • white
    245 310 1
  • beige
    245 310 4
  • grey
    245 310 3