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290 ml
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12 St.

Flexible 1-component adhesive / sealant

Professional quality, good initial adhesion, corrigible, is easily smoothed, odourless - non-toxic, GEV-EMICODE® EC 1Plus – very low emission, VOC emission class A+, can be painted over (except alkyd paints), paint compatible, aging resistant, moisture curing, solvent and silicone-free, isocyanate and halogen-free, phthalate and PCB-free, almost no shrinkage.

Benefits of use:

No fixing of joint parts is necessary, bonding can be corrected within approx. 10 minutes, „Wet on wet“ paintable.

Areas of application:

Seals and stress-free combination glueing in vehicle, body and container construction, vibration-proof mounting of signs and lettering, bonds insulation materials, gluing mirrors.

Technical data

Curing approx. 3,0 mm in 24 hours (+23° C/50% relative air humidity)
Basis silane-terminated polymers
Elongation at break >= 450% (2 mm Film)
Density approx. 1,01 g/cm³
Storage life unopened 18 months
Skin formation time approx. 10 minutes under standard conditions (+23° C/50% relative air humidity)
Storage cool and dry, protect it from heat
Shore A hardness approx. 45 (according to DIN 53505)
Temperature resistant from -40° C up to +90° C
Processable from 0° C to max. +40° C
Volume dilatation < - 3% (according to DIN 52451-PY)
Tensile strength >= 3,2 N/mm² (2 mm film)