TecLine Clean & Polish

Article Nr. 299 47 250EN
250 ml

Surface cleaner

A viscous, powerful cleaner with a fine, natural cleaning mineral, gentle and pore-deep removal of coarse soiling, protective additives create a long-lasting smooth and water-repellent surface, highly viscous, eliminates tarnishing and prevents fast re-tarnishing.

Benefits of use:

Economical to use, leaves a protective film to prevent soiling, readily biodegradable surfactants, produces hygienic freshness.

Areas of application:

Cleans and preserves surfaces made of stainless steel, chrome, brass, copper, silver, glass ceramic, plastic and much more. Removes greasy residue, lime and water stains and metal oxidations.

Technical data

Basis natural cleansing minerals combined with citric acid
Yield approx. 5 ml/m²
Smell hygienically fresh
Storage life 24 months
Storage frost-resistant and dry, not over +40° C
pH value approx. 2,5
Processable from +10° C up to +35°C