MS-Flex Sealant & Construction adhesive

Article Nr. 246 290EN
300 ml
Packaging unit
12 St.

Permanently elastic, for a variety of materials, GEV-EMICODE® EC 1Plus – very low emission, low shrinkage, easy to apply, simply squeeze, resistant to weather, UV-resistant, resistant to aging, extremely fast bond, silicone-free, isocyanate-free, suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Benefits of use:

For normal caulking guns, minimum wastage, simple processing, universally applicable

Areas of application:

Bonds wood, metal, plastic, glass, aluminum, polystyrene, rigid PVC, ceramic, concrete, stone and much more


Technical data

Curing approx. 2 mm/24 hours depending on the temperature
Basis MS-Polymer
Elongation at break approx. 200%
Permanent movement absorption +/- 15%
Density approx. 1,5 g/cm³
Storage life unopened 12 months, apply quickly after opening
Skin formation time approx. 10 to 15 min. under standard conditions
Storage keep in a cool, dry place at +5° C to +30° C, protect from frost and heat
Shore A hardness approx. 60
Temperature resistant from -60° C up to +90° C
Processable from +5° C to max. +40° C
Tensile strength approx. 2,1 N/mm²

Other colours

  • black
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  • grey
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  • beige
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