Hydro-Stop Foundation wall sealant viscous

Article Nr. 237 2 007EN

Highly flexible sealant, very low emission (acc. to GEV-EMICODE EC1), tested according to DIN 18195, solvent, silicone and bitumen free, UV- weather and ageing resistant, can be used for both the repairing and installation of roofing areas.

Benefits of use:

Gap bridging up to 5 mm, can be used on damp mineral surfaces (concrete etc.), no fleece insert necessary for damp surfaces, apply with a roller, spatula or paint brush, can be used as grout in joints.

Areas of application:

Liquid Hydro-Stop is self-leveling for floor coatings, repair mass Hydro-Stop can be used for foundation base and wall coatings, sealing, waterproof sealant for terraces and balconies.
Foundation waterproof wall sealing acc. to DIN 18195
Part 4 against soil moisture and non-accumulating leachate
Part 5 against non-accumulating leachate in cealing and wet rooms
Part 6 against from outside damming water (foundation walls)


Technical data

Übersetzung fehlt min. 2 mm dry-film thickness
Curing after 24 hours (at +20° C)
Basis 1-component MS Polymer
Yield approx. 3 kg/m² when applying twice
Storage life 12 months
Storage cool and dry in original packaging
Shore A hardness approx. 25
Gap bridging up to 5 mm
Temperature resistant from -40° C up to +90° C
Processable +5° C - +35° C / Surface temperature: +15° C - +25°C

Other sizes

  • 1 kg
    237 2 001EN