Maxbond 2-K Hightec Glue, incl. 3 compulsory mixer

Article Nr. 270 628

2-K Methyl Acrylate Hightec Glue

Powerful bonding of different materials, fills cracks and crevices up to 5 mm, extremely fast curing, excellent resilience, solvent-resistant, impact and shear force resistant, no flaking material or brittle caulking, weatherproof and humidity resistant, very good chemical resilience, high temperature resistance, stable.

Benefits of use:

Easy to dose, precise application, adheres to a wide range of surfaces without a primer, also for thermoformable plastics, easy to work with, high adhesion, extremely fast.

Areas of application:

For gluing aluminium, steel, carbon, stainless steel, metal, plastic, thermoplastic, acrylic (PMMA), PVC, ABS, LMR, GFRP, PC, PBT, PU, epoxides, composites etc.

Technical data

Curing approx. 24 hours (at +22 ° C)
Basis Methyl acrylate
Density approx. 0,97 g/cm³
Storage life unopened 1 year, at +2° C to +23° C; cool and dry
Strength to handle after approx. 12 to 18 minutes
Skin formation time approx. 4 to 7 minutes (at +22 ° C)
Temperature temperature resistant from -40° C to +100° C
Processable not below +5° C
Tensile shear strength 23 to 25 N/mm² (ASTM D1002)

Other sizes

  • 56 g
    270 656


  • Caulking Gun Maxbond Side-by-Side
    906 4 56