Silicone acetate

Article Nr. 225 01EN
310 ml
Packaging unit
20 St.

Sanitary silicone

Acetic acid curing, easy handling, resistant to aging, high adhesion, permanently elastic, contains fungicide (anti-fungal), available in many colours.

Benefits of use:

Minimum wastage, is easily smoothed, easy to work with, very well suited for repairs.

Areas of application:

Glazings, waterproof, repairs, in the sanitary area, connection joints.

Technical data

Curing 2 mm/day (+23° C/50% relative air humidity)
Basis Silicone rubber, acetate curing
Permanent movement absorption max. 25%
Density 0,97 – 1,00 g/cm³
Storage life 12 months (unopened)
Skin formation time approx. 10 minutes (+23° C/50% relative air humidity)
Storage at +5° C to +30° C, dry
Resilience approx. 90%
Shore A hardness approx. 25
Temperature resistant from -50° C up to +150° C
Paintable Not paintable. Paint compatibility within Rosenheim Guidelines
Processable from +5° C to max. +40° C
Tensile strength 0,5 N/mm²

Other colours

  • black
    225 10EN
  • white
    225 02EN
  • concrete grey
    225 05EN
  • manhatten
    225 04EN
  • bahama beige
    225 07EN
  • silver grey
    225 13EN