Product displays

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beko means top quality! Whether it’s for use in construction, plumbing, lumber trade, electrics or the automotive industry – you’ll always have the right partner by your side with beko! Check out our extensive range of products for yourself – it’s always being developed by our dedicated employees and constantly growing.

Expert product displays

To help you skillfully promote and clearly present our products, we offer you a wide range of display tools, from presentation shelves, shelf toppers, color sample tables and cards, and sample boards to info towers, info sheets and various kinds of sales-promoting print media. Speak to your beko sales representative for more information.


Tidy shelves, tidy mind

A neat, clear arrangement of products should make the end consumer’s decision to buy as easy as possible. Consumers should be able to see the entire range in just one glance.

Presentation example no. 1

Presentation example no. 3

Presentation example no. 5

Presentation example no. 7

Presentation example no. 1

Presentation example no. 4

Presentation example no. 6

Presentation example no. 8